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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Adding a Favicon to your Site

Blogger has introduced new feature to Adding a Favicon to your Site. Favicon is small icon placed on the top of your browser address bar. Many of us don,t know about Favicon  but today i will tell you how to set up your own Favicon. Favicon makes your site standout from others. It keeps your error logs neat and clean and  on some browsers that have "tabbed browsing"(Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome), it helps identify which tab has which site in it. Below are some easy steps to adding a Favicon to your Site or Blogger. Your Favicon image size should be 10 kb  or samaller and width of your image should be 16px and height of your image should be 16px.

How to add Favicon

1. Log in to your Blogger Account
2. Go to Dashboard --->Design--->Page elements.
3. Click on edit button placed on the top left of your page and upload your favicon and save it.

                                                            Now you have done
                         If you have any problem about this topic then comment below.

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