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Monday, 19 December 2011

Download Torrents Directly from Idm with Torrific

Hello everyone, Today i will tell you a very important Trick that How to download torrent files directly from Idm or any other Downloading platform Free.Trick is very useful for you. A torrent file stores metadata used for BitTorrent. It is defined in the BitTorrent specification. Simply, a torrent is data about a target file, through it contains no information about the content of the file. The only data that the torrent holds is information about the location of different pieces of the target file. Torrents work by dividing the target file into small information chunks, found on an unlimited number of different hosts. Through this method, torrents are able to download large files quickly. When a client (the recipient of a target file) has initiated a torrent download, the chunks of target file that are needed can be found easily, based on the data from the torrent itself
. Once all the chunks are downloaded the client can assemble them into a usable form. Now i will told you that how to download torrents from Idm or any other Download Manager. Below are some steps for this method.

Downloading Torrents From Idm

1. first you will have to copy the torrent URL which you are choosing to download. I am copying GTA Vice City Torrent url for your help. See the picture below.

2. Now Go to and Login or signup.
3. Now paste you Torrent URL in Torrific Text box and click Get. When you will click on Get button Torrific will ask you to Compress your torrent, Click on Initiate Bittorrent. After this a Box of Torrent files will appear Like Below picture.
you will have to click on one link which have not Tick Mark like 2nd or 7th link in above picture. When you will Click that link, a box from IDM or other download manager will appear. Now download your file and enjoy.

                         If you have any problem about this topic the disscuss in comments.


Mohit said...

Thanks Buddy I Am Looking For This Greate Trick.
I Am Move Lover So I Need This Trick Badly.
Thanks You Once Again.

Freeware Software said...

you have shared a very good information to me
but lik is not working this time please update it with another site like this

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