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Monday, 23 January 2012

Private Browsing in Firefox or Google Chrome

Are you want to make your browsing history private and disappear from others in Google chrome or Mozilla Firefox? When you open sites or browse on the web, Mozilla and Chrome save your browsing items in a special tab. You can easily find your browsing data and browsing cookies from special tab and others(Friends, Family and relatives) can also find them. Many peoples want to make their history hide and disappear from others. Sometimes, you have to open sites which have virus cookies or virus pop ups. Virus cookies are very dangerous for your computer and your operating system. Private Browsing is helpful to save your computer from any type of internet virus.
So if you want to make your web history private then follow the steps mentioned below .

For Google Chrome

♦ Open your chrome web browser.
♦ Click on small wrench icon placed on the top right of your browser.
♦ Click on New incognito window.

♦ When you will click on New incognito window, a new window will appear.
   Now browse the web on new window. Your browsing from new window will not save in history.

For Mozilla Firefox

♦ Open you Firefox browser.
♦ Click on Tools.
♦ Click on Start private browsing.

Now you have done all steps.

                         If you have any hesitation about this topic the comment below.

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Mobi app 4 pc said...

You can also use: Ctrl + Shift + P for Firefox or Ctrl + Shift + N for Chrome to open private browsing windows!

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