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Thursday, 23 February 2012

See All Information About Your Computer

Salam to everyone. Today i will tell you an important trick of Windows xp, Vista and Seven. There is no way of knowing all Hardware and Display issues in your Computer. We see our Ram or Page File by Right clicking on My Computer and then Properties. In this method, you don,t know about your Display Card, your Disk memory and many other things. You don,t know that what is Power of your Display card and what is quantity of your Secondary Storage Device like Hard Disk. But today i will told you that how to know all Hardware of your computer in all types of Windows.

Below are some steps for knowing everything about your Computer.

For Windows Vista or Seven

★ Go to Start.
★ Write Run in Search Box and click on Run.
★ Type DxDiag in Text Box.
★ You will see all Information related to your Pc.

For Windows Xp

★ Go to Start.
★ Click on Run.
★ Type DxDiag in Text Box.
★ Now you have done.

                    If you have any problem about this topic then tell me in comments.

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