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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Save your Hard Disk from Load Shedding

Hi everyone. Load Shedding is a very big problem in Pakistan. When we have been sitting on our computer and if light has gone, then we are full from anger because our Hard disk could be shocked. There is a very comprehensive solution for this problem. Read full article for knowing that how to save our hard disk without

Shutting Down. After doing below method, your hard disk will free from any danger.

Save your Hard Disk

1. Right Click on My Computer
2. Go to Properties
3. Go to Hardware--->Device Manger

4.Go to Disk Drivers and Double click on your Hard Disk name. My Hard Disk name is MAXTOR   6L040J2.

5.Then go to Policies and Unmark Enable Write caching on the disk

6.Now your Hard Disk has saved from any type of Electric shocks and dangers.It is not problem If you    don,t Shut Down your computer. Your Hard Disk has totally saved from any type of inconvenience.

                           Ask in comments if you have any hesitation about above article.

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