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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Add Labels With Top Menu Pages In Blogger

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There are many facilities and many difficulties in Blogger. Adding labels with pages was not easy in old Blogger interface. But we can do many things on new blogger interface. We can change our old blogger interface by clicking on new blogger interface. There are many templates which provide many facilities for labels and pages but lot of blogger templates don,t provide this type of easiness. Today you will know that how to add pages with labels in top menu on blogger.

Adding Pages with Labels on Blogger

1. Login to your blogger account >> Go to Dashboard >> Click on More Options and select Pages.

Blogger Interface

2. Click on New Page and then Web Address.

Blogger Pages

3. Now Type your label title and then paste your label link and click on save. You can see that your label has added with your pages and your label is working with your blog pages.



mayuyasrandoms said...

I tried it and now it shows up on the top of my page but it's not linked...when i go back i don't find the link typed but only the word "javascript" What to do?

Hamza Farooq said...

@ mayuyasrandoms

It seems that you have same problem as me.. I have solved this problem. The solution is that if you will copy your whole link and paste it then "javascript" error will be occur. And if you type your link properly then no error will be occur and your label will be linked.

Jessica Royston said...

can you do this and add multiple links to your tab?

Hamza Farooq said...

@ Jessica Royston

You can add multiple links in Tabs, not in one Tab.

MistyKay said...

How do I find my label link?

Taimoor said...

Thank you for this helpful post bro!

aamer mahmood said...

How to change new template interface from old one.

Muhammad Qasim said...

Its a great one.

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