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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Change Start Button Name in Windows Xp

It is time to having some fun. Windows Xp was a well known Windows in the world. Most of people are using windows xp and they are satisfied with xp. Windows 7 & Windows 8 are now considered fast and efficient. There are many things which we think that they are permanent and we can,t make any changes on them. Changing start button text is a good example of it but impossible is nothing. We can change everything and make it as our wish.

Changing Start Button Text in Windows Xp

1. Go to below link for downloading Xp Start Button Renamer.

Download Here

2. Install your software and open it.
3. Write your text in New Label text box and Click on Rename It!

4. Your Result is here.


Rizwan Ali said...

Very Nice Blog

Anonymous said...

Xp Start Button Renamer changes the start button instantly.
thanks for posting this and the link.

Anonymous said...

mantab Gan...thks

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