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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Remove Wrench icon on Blogger

Bismillah! Here is an article about removing wrench icons on your blogger. When we add a new gadget in our blog then our blog automatically gives us wrench icons so that we can change our widget settings quickly. It is very useful thing and bloggers can save their time but many people don,t like this type of wrench icons. A normal visitor can,t see this type of icons and only blog author can see this but some blog authors hate wrench icon,s and many of them don,t know that how to remove them. The solution of your problem is here.

Removing Wrench Icons

1. Login to Blogger >> Click on Template >> Click on Edit HTML and check Expand Widgets Elements.
2. Find the following code
<b:include name='quickedit'/>
3. Remove all codes of this kind, Preview your changes and then save your template.

Note : When you will add any type of widget in your blogger then wrench icon will also come with your gadget so you must remove above code every time after adding any widget.


Jemimah Reyes said...

This doesn't seem to work for me. I don't know why I can't find these codes and when I check my blog page, the wrench icons are still there. Help! :(

Hamza Farooq said...

@ Jemimah Reyes

Make sure you have checked Expand Widgets Elements and if you still don,t find these codes then tell me your blog/site url and i will tell you that what you have to do!

SYED OMER said...

jemima you need to go into edit html and they press ctrl+f then write in that box quickedit then remove all 1 by 1 rest you find it yourself

Vishal Jaiswal said...

Thanks a lot for this help..........

Faizan Niaz said...

if You DOnt Find The Code Then Press : ctrl+F In The HTML Window Then The Search Box Appers in the corner of the window Copy This () And Paste in the Box and Hit enter you can Find the Code and Delet whole Code and Save template And You Done ! My Website :

Nurul Hikmah S. said...

It worked on my blog. Thankyou so much :D

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