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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Write Comment Warning in Blogger

Comments are very important and very necessary for any blogger. If a blogger has not any comment on his/her blog then his/her blog ranking is very low and blogger should optimize his blog. When a new comment appear in a blog then blog author feels that his blog is optimizing day by day. Sometime, some wandering people don,t like your blog or they want
to prank with your blog and they get their anger through comments. The point solution for this problem is that you should appear their comments after approval. But for some reasons, blogger don,t do this. we should not catch up this type of people. Let,s come to the topic.
Today, i want to tell you that how to you warn people from bad commenting and how to alert them from a message. Lot of bloggers write warning in comment section like "Abusive Comments are not allowed on this site" etc.  Below is a Trick to warn people from bad commenting.

Warn People from Message

1. Login to Blogger
2. On Dashboard Click on Settings.
3. Select Posts and Comments.

4. Now type your warning in Comment From Message text box and click on save changes button placed on top right of image. (See above picture)

   Please give your feedback so that i will publish more helpful articles about blogging.

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