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Monday, 9 July 2012

7 Ways to Customize your Windows 7

Salam to all my blog readers. Today, i come here to discuss a very important topic about windows 7. Windows 7 is a type of top quality operating system. Majority of people use windows 7 all over the world.
Commonly, people use this window because it is very easy to use and it,s operating speed is very fast. I also use windows 7 due to his easiness and reliability. Many of my friends ask me about various customization's of windows 7. They ask me that how can they customize windows 7 and   fix it,s problems. You know that everything comes with some difficulties and problems and we have to fix those problems. Some versions of windows 7 don,t give some facilities like Hibernation, Firewalls and Patches. When people install windows 7 then they are not able to speed up their windows 7 and they also don,t able to start various windows 7 services because they don,t know that how to start them. These services are very important and many useful programs don,t install without starting these services. Today, i will tell you that how to you fix all types of problems of windows 7 and how to start some services of 7. Below are 7 important ways to customize your windows 7.

1 Comodo Firewall

Comodo Firewall is one of the best software to automatic set your firewall settings. You can download Comodo Firewall by going on below link. Just download it and open it. Your firewall settings will automatically optimized.

Download Here

2 Desktop Icon Layout

If your desktop icons are not arranged and you want to arrange them permanently then Desksave is a very good solution for this problem. Download it and open it and your desktop icons will automatically arranged.

Download Here

3 Hibernation

If your windows 7 is unable to hibernate your pc and you want to enable hibernate option then download below file. You can enable or disable hibernation by clicking on Enable Hibernation or Disable Hibernation.

Download Here

4  Keyboard Settings

Below is a file to install U.S keyboard by default. You should read Important.txt in your downloaded file for your help.

Download Here

5  Keyboard Shortcuts

Here is a .txt file for all keyboard shortcuts for windows 7.

Download Here

6  Registry Backup

To backup your registry, double click on Backup your registry.bat. You can download file from here:

Download Here

7 TCPIP Patcher

TCPIP is a service which allows you to increase your TCP/IP half-open connections from 10 to 255. It means that you can connect Torrent seeds from 10 to 255. 

Download Here

Important Note: Please read Important.txt in downloaded files for your help.

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