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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Daemon Tools-Open .Iso, .Mds, .Mdf, .Pof Files

Its time to share a very important article to you. You all know that we have to download large size games, movies and softwares from torrent. Bit-Torrent is very reliable source to download large files. You also know that many files on torrent are uploaded in .iso or .mdf  extension. Many people download large files from torrent and they don,t know that how to open these files and they delete their files. All games on torrent have uploaded in .iso, .mds and .mdf extension. These file extensions are very useful and a person burn or write their DVD from these extensions. There are very few methods to open these type of files without burning. The best way to open these files without burning is through Daemon Tools. Daemon Tools are very wide range utilities and we can do many things from these tools. We can burn Cd's/DVDs from it and open a very large number of extensions without burning them. Below is a very important method to open files with the help of Daemon Tools.

Open Your .Iso, .Mds, .Mdf, .Pof & Other Files

1. Download Daemon Tools from below link and install it.


2. After installing, open your Daemon Tools software and click on Add Image icon placed on bottom left of your software.

3. Now select your .Iso, .Mds, .Mdf or .Pof file and click on open.

4. Now your file has added to Daemon Tools. Now Right Click on your file and click on Mount.

5. When you will click on Mount, your file will add to My Computer after 2 seconds. Now go to My Computer and you will see your Mounted File Drive in My Computer. If you want to autoplay your file then Double Click on your Drive and if you want to open your file then Right Click on it and select Explore or Open in New Window.

6. You have done everything. Above is an example of .Iso file. If you want to open other files like .Mds and .Mdf so the method is same. Just open your file on Daemon Tools and Mount it, your file will automatically go to My Computer.
                           Ask in comments if you have any problem about above article.


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