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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Hidden Bluetooth Software in Windows Xp

Bluetooth is a fantastic capability of any device. We can receive and send files from one device to another through Bluetooth. I think nowadays, there is no smart phone or device which has not the facility of Bluetooth. Windows 7 and other operating systems like Mac, Linux and Ubuntu are now considered more reliable and easy sources of program handling but many people use windows xp this time. They think that windows xp is best operating system and no any other can compete it. These talking's are well to some extent and that's why i publish some articles about windows xp. Now i am about to tell you about hidden Bluetooth software in windows xp. You would have faced many problems while transferring and receiving file via Bluetooth. You have to install a separate software for using Bluetooth. I will tell you that how to you receive and send files without any software in windows xp because windows xp has it's own Bluetooth software.
Read full article for your hidden Bluetooth software.

How to Get Hidden Bluetooth Software

1. Go to Start--> Run
2. Type "Fsquirt" in text box.

3. Now Bluetooth File Transfer Wizard will open. Click on Next button to select your settings.

4. You can select option according to your wish. If you want to receive file then choose Receive a File and if you want to send a file then choose Send a File.

Now wizard will guide you completely for respective settings.


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