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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Insert Power or Write Equation in Microsoft Word

An office is incomplete without MS Office and especially MS Word. MS Word is a typing program and is used to write all types of English documents,newspapers, books, magazines etc. No other typing software can replace MS Word. You can prepare your assignments, office work and homework in it. People who know how to operate a computer also know a little bit about usage of MS Office and MS Word. But there are some things that a common user can't type in MS Word like Powers, Chemical Equations, Fractions etc. A common man does not know how to insert specific symbols and powers in Word.
But they are very easy to write and you can easily write mathematical terms in MS Word without any delay. Below are some importants tips to do so

Insert Power in MS Word

1. Open your word document and write your number. For example, if you want to write 2power8 in Word, just type 28.
2. Now select the number 8 and Right Click on it and click on Font.

3. When you will click on Font, a window will open. Now select Superscript and click on OK. Now your number 8 will become the power of 2. There are other effects like Subscript, Strikethrough etc. in Font window. You can check them by selecting them.

Now your power is successfully added and you have done your work.

How to Write a Chemical Equation

1. Open MS Word. For example, you want to write the below equation:

2. Just write equation with simple words i.e CuO + H2SO4 ------>  CuSO4 + H2O. After writing select your special characters i.e number of molecules. You can select all of them by pressing Control Key. After selecting, write click on them and click on Font, a window will appear, select Subscript in it and click on OK and your equation is done.
3. You can insert Arrow by going to Insert----> Shapes----->Arrow


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