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I am Hamza Farooq lives in Lahore Pakistan. I am addicted blogger, hacker and SEO consultant. I feel pleasure to share my computer knowledge to others. I started blogging in July 2011 when I was in 9Th class at 15 years of age. Now In the beginning, I was not able to write articles about technology but now I have known many tips and hacking's about blogger, computer and internet. When I made my Blog, I think that one day will come when my blog is placed on the top search results of Google and Alhamdulillah the day has come and my blog is on top search result of Google.
The only purpose to design this blog is to teach others from my knowledge. Visitors can get top quality articles about Computer and Blogger.  Nowadays, there is no life without computer and internet. Every person has to to deal with internet. You can do nothing without computer and internet in your life. My blog is also designed to aware people about utility of internet and computer. So stay in-touch with my blog for latest tweaks.  
My Advice to Bloggers 
I want to say to bloggers that blogging is a very good hobby and your purpose of blogging should only to teach other people from your knowledge. Blogging has a bad effect on your regular studies and you have to spend time on Blogger after prepare your studies. Education should your first priority because without education, your purpose of blogging is nothing.  So enjoy Blogging and be aware of your studies. 
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